Your Guide to Alloy Wheels in Northern Ireland
Alloy wheels in Northern Ireland

What are alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are a mixture of metal and other elements. The metal is specifically an alloy (hence the name) – either magnesium or aluminium, or sometimes nickel. With their striking design, alloy wheels have become extremely popular in the car industry in Northern Ireland

Alloy wheels are created using casting or forging. This method of production, therefore, allows more complex wheel designs to be created. Due to these complex designs, alloy wheels are purchased for cosmetic purposes. However, they have many additional benefits that you should consider. 

alloy wheels in Northern ireland

What are the benefits of alloy wheels in Northern Ireland?

Alloy wheels are lighter

As a result of those processes, we mentioned above – casting and forging – alloy wheels are lightweight in comparison to other wheels. As alloys are significantly lighter than steel wheels, they ultimately improve fuel economy. This is because your vehicle is lighter overall, and therefore requires less energy to accelerate and brake – using less fuel. 

A lighter vehicle is extremely beneficial. In fact, the US Department of Energy reported that a 10% reduction in vehicle weight results in a 6-8% improvement in fuel economy. This might not sound like a lot, but it is a great improvement! 

A 10% reduction in vehicle weights improves fuel economy by 6-8%

Therefore, performance is better with alloy wheels

The lightweight nature of alloy wheels means your vehicle’s performance is also improved. Whilst acceleration and braking performance benefit, steering and handling are better, too. In addition to this, other components of your vehicle will be boosted, such as suspension.

Alloy wheels are stronger

In comparison to steel wheels, alloys are stronger and therefore, more durable. This is because alloy wheels curve and flex better around corners. As well as this, they improve handling. 

However, you must remember that while alloy wheels are stronger, they are not bulletproof. These wheels are only a stronger option when you look after them! If you continually drive recklessly or hit curbs and potholes, your alloy wheels will scratch and crack.

Alloy wheels have more complex designs

As we mentioned, the nature of alloy wheel production means more complex designs are feasible. Therefore, they can be designed to look much more aesthetically pleasing than other wheels. There is also an opportunity for customisation of alloy wheels. 

At East Coast Coatings in Northern Ireland, we offer services such as powder coating and calliper painting. These are a great service for those in search of customised alloy wheels. That way, you can customise your wheels to ensure they compliment your vehicle perfectly. There is no comparison between steel and alloy wheels when it comes to aesthetics. If it’s a good-looking wheel you are after, alloys are the one for you!

Alloys are resistant to corrosion

In comparison to steel wheels, alloys are more resistant to corrosion. Due to the mixture of different metals and components, alloy wheels are corrosion-resistant. This is because pure metals are characteristically reactive, resulting in corrosion. 

With alloys, the components of additional elements are included. This means there is less corrosion over time. Therefore, alloy wheels are more durable. Although the initial cost of alloys is more expensive than typical steel wheels, you will save money over time with this durable option. 

Lower heat transmission

Similarly to corrosion resistance, alloys have lower heat transmission as they incorporate the characteristics of other elements as well as metals. Metals are heat conductors, so by adding other elements which are not, we control the heat transmission and reduce it significantly. 

Lower heat transmission is extremely beneficial to your wheels. Excessive heat conducted throughout your vehicle is detrimental to your brakes. A common theme with alloy wheels, therefore, is that they can save you a lot of money over time! This is because they reduce the likelihood of many common vehicle issues occurring. 

It’s time to make the switch to alloy wheels

It’s clear that there are many benefits to choosing alloy wheels in Northern Ireland. They are criticised for being more expensive than generic steel wheels. However, many people are not aware of the benefits that alloys bring over time, which therefore saves you money in the long term. 

If you would like to find out more about alloy wheels and the services we offer for them, get in touch with us! As alloy specialists, we are happy to help with any queries you may have.