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Our Services

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Powder coating

Motorcycle Parts

Caliper painting

Tyre removal and balancing

New tyre supply

Our Packages


Alloy wheel refurbishment - Prices Starting from £280

Including wheel removal, tyre removal and balancing afterwards.


Alloy wheel refurbishment and caliper painting - Prices starting from £400


Misc items blasted and powder coated - Prices starting from £60

Wide range of stock colours. Additional colours are available on request.


Caliper painting - Prices starting from £150

Stock colours including blue, black, red, silver  yellow, gold. Additional colours available on request.

What To Expect

1. Drop off

Wheels are removed from your car and tyres are marked to ensure the correct tyres go back correctly. The wheels are then removed from tyres using our tyre machine.

2. Paint Stripping

Wheels are placed in a chemical strip tank to remove the paint.

3. Wheel washing

Wheels are powerwashed and then placed in a hot parts washer to remove any chemicals that may still be on the surface.

4. Wheel Inspection

The wheels are checked for any cracks or buckles and repaired if required.

5. Kerb damage removal

We inspect and repair any damage using various machinery. Any deep damage is welded and then reshaped back to the original form.

6. Shot blasting

The wheels are placed in our automated shotblaster. This helps removes corrosion and any contaminates as well as leaving the surface perfectly uniformed.

7. Further wheel washing

Wheels are hosed down then placed into a hotparts washer to remove any remaining contamination.

8. Degassing

Wheels are placed into an oven to de-gas at 220 degrees for 20min. This is to remove all moisture /contamination before painting which can affect the finish quality.

9. Painting (Primer)

A coat of powder primer is applied using a state of the art powder coating gun. This ensures a robust and ultra-smooth basecoat surface. Once applied the wheels are then put back into the oven to cure for 20min. This forms a strong resilient coating that only a powder coating process can achieve.

10. Painting (Colour)

The next stage is to apply the colour to the wheel. We offer a wide range of colours and the same OEM paint as the wheel manufacturers all over the world.

11. Painting (Clear coat)

A final coat of powder acrylic lacquer is applied to the entire wheel. We use the best lacquer in the business to ensure your wheels have the best possible protection. This also leaves a high quality finish which makes the cleaning/maintenance of the wheels a lot easier. Wheels are then put into the oven for a final cure.

12. Quality Inspection

Once the wheels have cooled down they are then quality checked for any possible defects. 

13. Tyre refitting

Wheels are then placed onto our tyre machine to refit the tyres onto them. Tyres are then inflated to the correct pressure and balanced on our balancing machine. The completed wheels are now ready for collection or will be refitted to the vehicle. 


How long does the process take?

You can expect your car/wheels to be with us between 2-3 days.

Can I leave my car down to have my wheels refurbed?

Yes you can, we take care of the rest.

Do you provide a guarantee?
We provide a 12 month guarantee on the paintwork and any defects such as flaking and discoloration.
Kerb damage and stone chips are not covered in the guarantee.
Do you use lacquer?

Yes, we use the best lacquer in the business and your wheels will have the best protection available.

Do you remove the tyres, balance and re fit?

Yes, we do.

Can you refurbish motorcycle wheels?

Yes, we refurbish many of these. However we do not remove wheels from the motorbike.

Can you refurbish motorcycle wheels?

Yes, we refurbish many of these. However we do not remove wheels from the motorbike.

Do you remove kurb damage?

We remove any damage and re shape your wheels back again, restored to like brand new condition.

Can you supply and fit new tyres?

We can supply you with tyres at a very competitive price.

Do we do touch ups?
We don't do touch ups, we only do full professional refurbishments.
Can I just change the colour of my wheels?

You can colour change your wheels to any colour you want.

Do you paint the back of the wheels?

We repair, paint and lacquer the whole of the wheel.