What Are the Nine Worst Ways to Destroy Your Alloy Wheels?
gold alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are popular car upgrades because they can add to your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and are more durable. They’re also famous among many automobile owners because of their higher fuel efficiency. 

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, unwanted accidents can still happen and cause expensive alloy wheel repairs. Besides destroying your tyres’ appearance, these damages can also decrease their effectiveness and increase the wear and tear on your wheels. Moreover, leaving these unsightly damages can put you more at risk of getting in serious car accidents.

If you want to become a more responsible vehicle owner, this article will tackle the worst ways to destroy your alloy wheels and how to prevent expensive repairs. 

1. Attempted Theft 

The world is dangerous, and unfortunately, your car is unsafe from what certain people can do. Thieves are attracted to expensive alloy wheels and will try to steal them to gain a selfish profit or damage them. 

You can tell if someone has attempted to steal your wheels by checking for signs of tampering, like scratches or scuffs around the nuts. While the criminals may not have successfully stolen them, you may need to schedule an alloy wheel repair after the attempt. 

2. Brake Dust 

If your car has alloy wheels, braking will cause tiny brake dust particles to get on the surfaces. Besides making your vehicle unsightly, not regularly washing this dust will let it accumulate and bake into your tyre’s texture, leaving permanent damage. 

While washing the wheels with regular detergent may help, leaving the dust on your wheels may need refinishing and repainting. 

3. Car Washes 

Scheduling regular car cleaning by hand or sending it to an automated car wash can help improve your automobile’s resale value and driving experience. It can also help keep rust at bay and protect it from the elements. 

However, some chemical sprays can damage your alloy wheels’ protective coating and lead to costly repairs. You can keep your car in its best condition by cleaning your car yourself and only using approved cleaning materials. 

4. Cleaning Materials

Dirt and grime can cause corrosion, discolouration, and permanent damage, mainly if you use the wrong cleaning materials. You can effectively clean the dirt and grime off your alloy wheels using a soft brush with bristles. You should also not use abrasive materials to avoid damage and expensive repairs. 

Moreover, use a microfibre cloth to give your tyres a gentle finish. Additionally, you can extend your wheels’ lifespan by polishing them. 

5. Kerbing 

Bumping into a curb’s edge while driving can significantly damage your alloy wheels, causing scratches and gouges on the rim. Besides ruining your car’s look, these damages can cause expensive alloy wheel repairs. When driving, you can protect your alloy wheels by avoiding the pavement’s edge. 

6. Locking Wheel Nuts

If you lack the right tools to remove the locking wheel nuts on your alloy wheels, you should not attempt to remove them yourself because they can cause permanent damage. You can protect your wheels by calling a wheel nut removal professional. 

7. Potholes 

Potholes can cause punctures and dents. You should regularly check your wheels for damage after driving over a pothole.

8. Improperly Inflated Tyres

If you don’t inflate your tyres, you’ll likely experience flat tyres, skidding, or longer braking distances. You can avoid these problems by checking your tyre pressure weekly. 

9. Wheel Lugs 

Never attempt to remove a wheel nut with a brace after tightening it with an air gun because it can damage your alloy wheels and cause costly repairs. 

Steering Away from Expensive Mistakes

Being a responsible car owner means learning to care for your automobile correctly. You can prevent costly alloy wheel repairs by using suitable cleaning materials and scheduling regular professional maintenance. 

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