Why you should Refurbish your Alloys

At East Coast Coatings, we pride ourselves on delivering the best alloy refurbishment service in Northern Ireland. Based in Larne, County Antrim, we specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment and powder coating. Covering areas such as Larne, Belfast, Ballymena, Newtownabbey and Carrickfergus, no job is too big or small. 

There are many reasons to get your alloys refurbished. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for your safety while driving. Alloy wheels are actually made to be soft for a more dynamic drive, as well as to keep your brakes cool. Made from aluminium as opposed to steel, they are able to bend around corners, allowing you to manoeuvre and brake more easily. 

Tyre Wear 

Damaged Alloys can actually impact your tire and its functionality. Alloy damage can distort the shape of your wheel which can cause vibrations on the drivers steering wheel while driving. This can be highly dangerous if not fixed as soon as possible. 

Add Value to your Car

Refurbishing your alloys can add value to your car, especially if you are changing alloy colour. Not only does it add some personality to your car, but it ultimately could turn your popular make and model into a much more bespoke car which people may pay that little extra for if you sell privately. 

Refurbishment instead of Buying New Alloys 

Ultimately, alloy refurbishment is far more affordable than buying a new set of alloys, that’s why it is so popular among drivers. Refurbishment is ideal if you notice some scrapes and scratches on your alloys. With that being said, refurbishing isn’t possible if the wheels are too badly damaged. For example, if your wheels are corroded beyond repair, distorted, severely cracked or even buckled, your best bet is to invest in replacements. 

Worse Fuel Efficiency 

Cars fuel efficiency is dependent on the rolling resistance offered by the wheel and tyres. You might have heard that your wheel size and tyre pressures play a part in fuel efficiency. While this is true, it is even more so with irregularly shaped wheels and tyres. Deformed wheel structures mean that more power is needed to overcome frictional forces, resulting in higher amounts of fuel being used up by the engine to gain power. This ruins the fuel economy of your car by a lot.  

Alloy wheels are not only beautiful but highly functional. With the proper care and maintenance, they can greatly improve your driving experience.Take good care of your wheels with East Coast Coatings. We are an alloy wheel refurbishment company in Larne looking to help you get quality care for your alloy wheels. Book an appointment with us today!