7 Good Reasons Why You Should Powder Coat Your Wheel Rims

Being a car owner is highly beneficial because you can go anywhere without dealing with the usual commuting issues. However, it’s also a responsibility because a car must be maintained to prolong its lifespan. This goes to every car part, especially those exposed to the elements such as tyres.

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle’s tyres is through powder coating. Powder coating is applied as a dry powder, usually a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. It creates a tougher hard finish than conventional paint, giving it more resistance to wear and tear. However, many car owners pass on it because they think it’s just an added expense on maintenance and repairs. This is never the case because there are several benefits to reap from powder coating your wheels, such as:

#1 – Increased Resistance to Physical Damage

Imagine parking your car in the middle of a construction site. Your tyres are exposed to flying debris and other materials on the ground. Once they get hit, they will be more prone to punctures and other forms of damage.

Powder coating protects your tyres from physical impact by creating a hard surface that prevents particles from penetrating the tyre. Even if there are nicks and scratches, they won’t directly affect your tyres.

#2 – Protection Against Rust and Corrosion

Powder coating protects your tyres against rust and corrosion, which is necessary for cars regularly driven in wet and humid conditions. Although the aluminium alloy used for wheels is highly resistant to rust, it can still be affected by corrosion. Once it starts, the process will continue to eat away at the metal, weakening it over time.

Powder coating creates a barrier that prevents water and moisture from reaching the metal. Once it’s applied, it will prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. Even if there are minor scratches, they won’t be able to reach the metal.

#3 – Enhanced Aesthetics

Powder coating gives your tyres a new look. It can be applied in different colours and finishes to enhance your car’s look. For example, you can use a matte black finish to give your vehicle a more aggressive look. Powder coating also protects the paint from fading and chipping.

#4 – Improved Durability

Aside from physical protection, powder coating also improves your wheels’ durability. Powder coating protects the tyres from UV damage, corrosion, and other elements that can damage the tyres. Once applied, it will last for years, even if your car is exposed to the elements or high temperatures. It’s also resistant to scratches and scuffs.

#5 – Uniform Coverage

When you powder coat your tyres, you’ll get even coverage on all surfaces. Unlike other finishes, powder coating provides a consistent look on all surfaces because powder particles are evenly distributed when applied. As a result, your tyres will make your car look good.

#6 – Eco-Friendliness

Powder coating is also eco-friendly. Powder coating uses less energy than other finishes, so it doesn’t produce as much pollution. Plus, it doesn’t use volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so it doesn’t contribute to smog and other air pollution.

#7 – Cost-Effectiveness

As mentioned, many believe that powder coating is expensive, which is never the case. The price for powder coating varies in the UK, but it generally costs between £80 for single tyres and £340 for a complete set. Of course, this also depends on certain factors, such as rim size, the type of powder coating, the number of coats, and the location of the powder coating shop.


Powder coating your car’s wheels will work wonders because it will give them a much tougher finish resistant to chipping and scraping. It will also make them look great, and the process is relatively simple. What matters is that you choose the right powder coating company that will do a great job.

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