Wheel Damage in Spring
wheel damage in Belfast

East Coast Coatings is the best place to go for alloy refurbishment in Northern Ireland. From our base in Larne, our clients come from all over for our services. With a proven record in perfect service, we cater to all your alloy needs. Although we are based in Larne, we have provided services for customers all across Northern Ireland, from Belfast, Ballymena, Portadown, Ballyclare, Carrickfergus, Lisburn and further afield. 

After a typically long and cold Northern Ireland winter there may be some hard-to-spot tyre damage and wheel damage. Considering the effect of winter weather on driving conditions, it is safe to assume that most drivers have hit their fair share of potholes. In addition to poor vehicle maintenance and bad driving habits, potholes are a major cause of concern for your tyres and wheels. 

One of the biggest concerns for Northern Ireland motorists is poorly surfaced roads and potholes. With potholes being more prominent during spring, driving carefully becomes even more important. All it takes is hitting one pothole hard and it will affect your vehicle’s handling.  As we all know the country roads in and around Larne, Ballymena, Carrickfergus and Ballyclare can be treacherous at the best of times and the potholes can cause severe damage. That’s when East Coast Coatings have you covered!  

Alloy Scuffs and Kerbed Alloy Damage

Probably the easiest way to damage your alloy wheels is to accidentally touch or scrape the kerb edge when parking. Kerbs are usually constructed from concrete in Northern Ireland. So contact with an alloy wheel will result in a scratch, scuff or chip damage to the alloy rim. Kerb scuffs occur all too easily – normally when you drive too close to the pavement or misjudge a parallel park and the feeling always brings instant regret! 

Dent Damage to Alloy Wheels in Belfast

Not only can potholes cause damage to tyres. But when hit at speed, potholes can leave a large dent in your alloy wheels. If you have driven over a pothole by accident. It is worthwhile checking your alloys and tyres, for any signs of damage. If your alloy wheels become dented due to hitting a pothole, not only will this affect the overall look of your car. But damaged alloy wheels could cause issues when driving too. If you are from Belfast, Ballymena, Portadown, Ballyclare, Carrickfergus, Lisburn, look no further than East Coast Coatings. 

Your wheels and tyres ultimately keep your car moving. So it is important to look after them and get any damage repaired by a specialist. 

Here are the services East Coast Coatings provide: 

-Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

-Powder Coating

-Motorcycle Parts

-Calliper Painting

-Tyre Removal And Balancing

-New Tyre Supply

-Protective Stone Chip Coating

At East Coast Coatings we love providing our customers with the best quality alloy refurbishments. From our base in Larne, we help our customers with any tyre and alloy services they need. Customers from all over Northern Ireland visit our garage in Larne. We have customers from: