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alloy wheels in Northern ireland

East Coast Coatings is the best place to go if you are seeking tyre services, such as alloy refurbishment, in Northern Ireland. We cover areas such as Belfast, Larne, Ballymena, Ballyclare, Glengormley and Carrickfergus, and further afield. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of customer service and service delivery. 

How to look after your tyres 

With our years of industry experience, we know how important it is to take care of your tires. 

Any damage to your tires could put you at risk of a crash or causing further damage to your vehicle. At East Coast Coatings, we inform our clients of how to take care of their tyres so they can look after themselves and their vehicle! Here are a few tips we give our customers about tyre care: 

Check you tyre pressure regularly 

It is recommended that you check your tyre pressure once every couple of weeks. This is because tyres can quickly become deflated if they aren’t checked regularly, and this can result in excessive and uneven wearing of the tread. 

Look out damage or unusual wear 

Look out for any tears, cuts, nicks, bubbles or bulges in the sidewall. If you spot any of these it’s typically a sign of serious damage to the tyre’s structure, and that’s dangerous. 

-Make sure you tyres are aligned 

Tyre alignment can help your tires perform properly and help them last longer. One of the most notable dangers of not getting a wheel alignment is the risk you put yourself and others in. Without a wheel alignment, your tyres will develop uneven tyre wear, your suspension quality will diminish and you’ll likely experience steering problems. 

Your wheels and tyres ultimately keep your car moving. So it is important to look after them and get any damage repaired by a specialist. 


Here are the services East Coast Coatings provide: 

-Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

-Powder Coating

-Motorcycle Parts

-Calliper Painting

-Tyre Removal And Balancing

-New Tyre Supply

-Protective Stone Chip Coating

What we Guarantee

If you are interested in refurbishing your alloys and want the best service in Northern Ireland then look no further than East Coast Coatings. We can guarantee:

-Competitive prices

-Fastest turnaround time possible 

-Keen trade rates available 

-Best powder and OEM paint available

-Friendly and professional service 

At East Coast Coatings we love providing our customers with the best quality alloy refurbishments. From our base in Larne, we help our customers with any tyre and alloy services they need. Customers from all over Northern Ireland visit our garage in Larne. We have customers from: