The Process of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
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If you are a driver with alloy wheels then you will understand the struggle to keep them looking their best. Scratched alloy wheels aren’t aesthetically pleasing but they also decrease the overall value of your vehicle. When looking to re-sell your vehicle this will be a drawback for potential buyers. Thankfully, here at East Coast Coatings we have the solution to alloy wheel damage. Alloy Wheel Refurbishment is what we do best. 

The Process of Alloy Refurbishment 

  • The professional refurbishes your alloy wheels, the tyres will be taken off the wheels. Stripping the wheel of the existing finish must be done prior to any work. This allows for the ultimate adhesion of the new finish and all the damages to be assessed for repair. 
  • Wheels are placed in a chemical strip tank to remove the paint. To further remove any contamination, wheels are hosed down then placed into a hot parts washer. 
  • The wheel is inspected for any damage and if any deep damage is found, the wheel is reshaped to its original form. Followed by using an automated shotbuster, which will help remove corrosion and leave the surface smooth. 
  • The process of degassing the wheels begins to remove all moisture before painting. Excess moisture can affect the quality of the finish. 
  • A coat of primer is applied allowing for an ultra-smooth basecoat surface. This is followed by the application of the paint colour. 
  • A final coat of powder acrylic lacquer is applied to the entire wheel. Leaving for a high quality finish which makes the cleaning/maintenance of the wheels a lot easier. 
  • A quality inspection of the alloys is carried out then the tyres are refitted onto the wheels. Tyres are reinflated to the correct pressure and placed on a balancing machine. 

The overall process of refurbishment at East Coast Coatings takes between 1-2 days and we provide a 12 month guarantee on the paintwork and any defects such as flaking and discolouration. We pride ourselves on putting out the highest quality work at the most competitive prices. 

At East Coast Coatings, we are a leading alloy wheel refurbishment business based in Larne, Co.Antrim. We specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment and powder coating. Contact us today to get your car looking new again!