The Do’s and Don’ts of Alloy Wheel Maintenance
Alloy wheel maintenance

No matter how carefully you drive, it’s inevitable that your alloy wheels will pick up excess residue and dirt. Therefore, alloy wheel maintenance is extremely important. When you do this, you ensure that the dirt doesn’t impact the lifespan of your alloy wheels. This makes them more durable.

Clean your alloy wheels regularly and correctly

It’s important to regularly clean your alloy wheels. We recommend cleaning them once a week, but if not, at least once a month. When you are cleaning your car’s exterior, always clean the alloy wheels first. That way, you ensure no residual brake dust gets into your wheels. As well as this, you must not clean your alloy wheels when they are still warm from driving recently. Allow them to completely cool before cleaning. 

The wheels of your car are often the part that gets dirtiest. This is because residual brake dust gathers in your wheels, and due to the structure of your car, particular areas of your wheels can be hard to reach. If you choose to remove your alloy wheels to reach these areas, seek advice from a professional first. To remove excess brake dust, your power washer is your best friend. It can remove this dirt quickly and easily. 

Waxing and polishing your alloy wheels

Depending on the material of your alloy wheels, they will require different products to maintain their high-quality aesthetic. We recommend asking your alloy wheel provider for advice on which finishing product you should choose. 

Following this, the best way to apply these maintenance products is to use a clean rag. Then, buff your alloy wheel until it shines. Doing this alloy wheel maintenance step regularly will maintain a shiny, just-like-new aesthetic to your car and its alloy wheels.

Keep on top of your brake pads for alloy wheel maintenance

You don’t need to change your brake pads every time you clean your alloy wheels. However, you should ensure they are changed regularly. This means there will be less damage to your wheels over time. Doing this is great for your car’s overall performance, and it also reduces the amount of brake dust. As we know, residual brake dust builds up over time and damages your alloy wheels. Therefore, you should consider any measures that will reduce brake dust buildup.

Consider alloy wheel refurbishment

From time to time, your alloys might need to be refurbished by professionals. At East Coast Coatings, we offer a range of alloy wheel maintenance and refurbishment services. This keeps your alloy wheels looking fresh and polished. As well as this, our customers often require small repairs if they have driven over potholes and bumps. This can create small cracks that require attention. 

East Coast Coatings in Northern Ireland offers a wide range of alloy wheel maintenance and refurbishment service packages. These include wheel refurbishment, powder coating, and calliper painting. 

If you are interested in receiving alloy wheel maintenance services, get in touch with us. We offer a wide range of services from our base in Larne, and we are always happy to help!