Powder Coating in Northern Ireland
Powder Coating in Northern Ireland

More and more people are seeking services to customise and design their cars in Northern Ireland. Powder coating is an extremely popular choice for those wishing to upgrade their alloy wheels in Northern Ireland due to its durability and consistency. 

What is powder coating in Northern Ireland?

Powder coating is a method of dry finishing for alloy wheels. This method of alloy wheel treatment works by using a spray gun which operates under electrostatic charge and is also a great option for those seeking a high-quality, durable finish on their vehicle. As well as this, powder coating is advantageous for vehicles because it creates the opportunity for the customisation of alloy wheel designs. 

How does powder coating in Northern Ireland work?

1. Primer

We begin our powder coating process in Northern Ireland by applying a primer. This requires a state-of-the-art powder coating gun. By applying primer to your alloy wheels, we guarantee a robust and ultra-smooth base coat. 

Following this, the alloy wheels cure in an oven for 20 minutes. This step is extremely important to enhance the durability of your alloy wheels. The heat induces a chemical reaction which produces long molecular chains. These chains are also extremely resistant to breakdown. We then cure the wheels to achieve a resilient coating – this will not be achieved with any other method. 

2. Colour paint

Once the primer has been applied to your alloy wheels, the next stage is to get creative and add colour. At East Coast Coatings in Larne, we offer a diverse range of colours that are available for powder coating your alloy wheels. As well as this, we use the same OEM paint as car manufacturers around the world. 

3. Clear-coat finish

After applying the coloured powder coating to your alloy wheels, we apply a ‘clear coat’. This is a powder acrylic lacquer and it is applied to the entire wheel. By using the highest-quality lacquer available in the industry, we guarantee to leave your alloy wheels with the best possible protection. In addition to this, the cleaning and maintenance of your alloy wheels become much easier. Finally, the wheels are cured in the oven again before completion.

Why choose East Coast Coatings for your powder coating in Northern Ireland?

You will never regret choosing East Coast Coatings for your powder coating in Northern Ireland. This is primarily because the methods we use to apply powder coating to our alloy wheels are state of the art. The primer we apply before the painting process forms a coating that can only be applied using the powder coating method. As well as this, it guarantees a resilient finish for your alloy wheels, ensuring they stand the test of time. 

As powder coating specialists, we are proud of the work we do. Whilst our work is of the highest quality, we know that our customers are of utmost importance. Therefore, our team carries out their professional service for an extremely competitive price. 

Give your car the East Coast powder coating treatment now! Get in touch with us today to find out more about the powder coating services we offer at East Coast Coatings in Northern Ireland.