Northern Ireland Alloy Refurbishment
Northern Ireland alloy refurbishment

Are your alloys damaged and in need of a revamp? Instead of choosing the costly option of buying a new set of alloys, alloy refurbishment will provide you with a fantastic alternative. East Coast Coatings is the best place to go for alloy refurbishment in Northern Ireland. From our base in Larne, our clients come from all over for our services. With a proven record in perfect service, we cater to all your alloy needs. 

We all know the country roads in Northern Ireland can be treacherous. With sharp bends and hidden potholes, the roads can be damaging for alloys, especially at this time of year. East Coast Coatings takes pride in leaving each set of alloys in perfect condition. Customers travel from Belfast, Ballymena, Ballyclare, Larne and Carrickfergus for our services. 

Here is how the process of alloy refurbishment works:

-We begin by cleaning the alloy, to remove all traces of grime and dirt. This will reveal the full extent of the damage and scratches to be repaired.

-We then dry the alloy wheel and mask off the tyre. This is to protect it during the repair process.

-Next, we lightly sand the damaged area, before applying a filler to the scratches and scuffs. Once cured, this is sanded again, ready for primer and paint application. The technician will colour match the alloy wheel with the correct paint. The paint is then sprayed over the damaged area and blended into the original wheel. This, in turn, is then lacquered to a high gloss finish, cured and polished.

If you are interested in refurbishing your alloys and want the best service in Northern Ireland then look no further than East Coast Coatings. We can guarantee:

-Competitive prices

-Fastest turnaround time possible 

-Keen trade rates available 

-Best powder and OEM paint available

-Friendly and professional service 

We hope all our clients in Northern Ireland have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!