The Importance of Keeping Your Wheels Balanced
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If you notice a vibration in the steering wheel or a bumpy ride, it may be time to check your wheels and tyres. If the tyres are in good shape, it may be a problem with wheel balancing or wheel alignment.

If your car’s wheels are out of alignment, it can cause several problems. The ride will be uncomfortable, and the wheels can become damaged over time. Additionally, fuel efficiency will suffer, and the tires will wear out more quickly. A quick trip to the service centre will solve the problem and avoid expensive repairs.

How to Identify a Wheel Balancing or Alignment Problem

A problem with your wheels at high speeds can make the ride bumpy, and the steering wheel starts to wobble. If you notice the steering wheel wobbling, it’s a sign that there may be a problem with the front wheels. If passengers in the backseat complain of excessive vibrations, there is likely a problem with the rear wheels.

A vehicle’s stability is affected by its weight and how heavily it is loaded. A heavier or more heavily loaded vehicle will be more stable than a lighter one. This stability can mask problems with balancing and alignment. It’s important to check these regularly, such as when you take your car in for servicing when you get new tyres or have your wheels rotated.

What Are the Risks of Imbalanced Wheels?

If your wheels are unbalanced, it means that the weight of your tyres is not evenly distributed. This causes them to wear down unevenly, reducing their lifespan and worsening your ride quality. In addition, the suspension and steering wheel components will be under increased strain and wear out faster. Rotating parts of your car may also wear out faster, compromising safety.

How Are Wheels Balanced?

An imbalanced wheel is heavier on one side than the other. This can cause the wheel to rotate asymmetrically and wobble. The wobbling worsens as the speed increases, so that you may feel more vibrations at higher speeds. If you continue to drive with imbalanced wheels, it can eventually damage the suspension, which can be expensive to repair.

A wheel balance is performed on a special machine that detects any imbalances and calculates the appropriate correction. The mechanic will then apply a counterweight to the lighter side to balance the wheel. The mechanic will check for any wheel alignment problems if the wheel balance is not the issue.

If your wheels are misaligned; they are not pointing in the same direction. This can happen if you drive over a pothole, speed bump too fast, or hit the curb when parking. If your wheels are unbalanced, they are not evenly weighted. This can cause your car to vibrate and make noise when driving. A mechanic can fix both problems.

If you notice that your tyres are wearing down unevenly, it could signify that your wheels are misaligned or imbalanced. The wheel is likely misaligned if the wear is only on one shoulder. The wheels are likely imbalanced if the wear is in a rounded or cupped pattern.

If you notice any problem with your tires, such as abnormal wear or ride quality, you should get them checked by a professional as soon as possible.


It is important to keep your wheels balanced to improve your vehicle’s handling, fuel economy, and tire life. A properly balanced wheel will also reduce the amount of vibration you feel while driving.

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