How to Maintain your Alloys this Winter

The Northern Ireland winter months can be challenging on our cars, especially our tyres and alloys. With all the gritters on the road and harsh weather, winter is the time you’re more likely to end up with scratched alloys, corroded wheels and more. With years in the alloy industry, East Coast Coatings knows how to help you maintain your alloys during the winter months. 

-Make sure your wheels are kept clean

The country roads around Larne and the majority of Northern Ireland can make it very hard to keep your alloys clean. Getting rid of salt, mud and dirt quickly can help to prevent corrosion and damage. Hazards like splits and bulges are easier to spot when you keep your alloys clean. Ensuring your tyres are clean can also maintain the tyre traction, so your car will be able to hold onto road surfaces more efficiently. 

-Check the tread depth 

It’s always best to check your tyres when they are cold and to opt for around a 3mm tread depth rather than the recommended 1.6mm in winter to prepare both you and your tyres for the slippery roads ahead. If your tyres are getting close to the wear blocks, it is important to change your tyres before the winter season hits. Checking your tread depth is also important as if they are not deep enough your car loses traction and suffers extended breaking times. 

-Look for signs of Tyre Damage 

Driving during Winter can cause excessive damage to your alloys and tyres. After a long drive, it is important to check your tyres for any wear/damage. As the road won’t be as clear in snowy and icy conditions, it’s really important to check your tyres for bulges, splits, and punctures after every journey as these problems can significantly increase your risk of accidents in winter. 

-Keep an eye on Tyre Pressure 

As a rule of thumb, when the temperature decreases by 10°C, tyre pressure drops between 0.07 to 0.14 bars or 1 to 2 pounds per square inch (PSI). That means, over the course of winter when temperatures can fluctuate massively, your tyres could deflate by quite a significant margin – which is why it’s so important to check them regularly. 

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