Alloy Wheel Refurbishment: How Long Does the Process Take?
reed car with alloy wheels

Depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the wheels, the alloy wheel refurbishment procedure may take a few hours to a few days.

If your car has damaged or scuffed alloy wheels, you may consider refurbishing them. Alloy wheel refurbishment in Belfast can be an excellent way to restore the look of your wheels and make your car look new again.

So, how long does alloy wheel refurbishment take? The answer can vary depending on the type and damage to your wheels. 

Generally speaking, simple cosmetic damage such as scuffs and scratches can be repaired relatively quickly, while more significant damage, such as bent or cracked wheels, may take longer to repair.

What Are the Steps in Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

Many alloy wheel restoration businesses provide mobile alloy restoration, in which they deploy a van with mobile alloy repair tools to the client’s location. Some businesses include a station just for repairing alloy wheels.

The procedures needed to fix an alloy wheel and a ding in a vehicle panel are similar. Here is how the process is explained:


The wheel is thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any debris. Degreasers and industrial chemicals must be used in conjunction with this.

Tyre Preparation 

The tire will be completely deflated, and the bead will be cracked (where the tyre seals against the alloy). To enable complete wheel face restoration, this is done. Rarely could it be necessary to remove the tire entirely.


When there has been significant damage, the surface can be repaired using fast-curing resins after the damage has been removed using specialist tools. The “keying” stage strengthens the link between the fresh paint and the wheel’s surface.


Paint, lacquer, and shine. After thoroughly washing and priming, the surface is painted with meticulously colour-matched paint. The proper lacquer finish, whether glossy, matte, or satin, is then used.


The finishing is made hard for maximum protection during the curing phase.

Periods of Refurbishment

In a day or two, your car and wheels should show up. When selecting what service to provide, the potential of the local market and the speed of any return on investment must be considered.

Since few individuals are ready to pay for highly damaged wheels to be fixed, the demand for this service, which necessitates bigger, more expensive equipment, is usually minimal.

Instead, a user-friendly, modular system that provides same-day alloy wheel repair will be the one that targets the largest share of the market and has the most potential and return on investment.

What Justifies Having Your Alloy Wheels Restored?

You should polish your alloy wheels to fix any damage they may have received. For instance, you could have rusted or scratched them while parallel parking and misjudged the location of the curb.

Refinishing the alloy wheels on your automobile can frequently be more affordable than purchasing a new set of wheels, depending on the cost of replacements and the refurbishing procedure.

Can An Automobile’s Alloy Wheels Be Refurbished?

Usually, when an automobile is being restored, the alloy wheels are taken off. During the operation, the alloy wheels’ tires will also be removed.

Can An Alloy Wheel Be Refinished Several Times?

The condition of your wheel will determine how many times it can be refinished. Although an alloy wheel may commonly need to be mended two or three times, the mechanic who is now working on the automobile would be best prepared to advise you on this.

When Is It Impossible to Restore an Alloy Wheel?

While it is normally feasible to repair alloy wheels, there are rare instances when it will be exceedingly difficult or perhaps impossible. If your alloy wheel has too much corrosion or has already undergone welding repair, refurbishing may not be possible.


How long it takes to repair an alloy wheel depends on various factors. The type of damage, the severity, and the type of wheel refurbished can all affect how long the process takes. In general, however, most alloy wheel refurbishment jobs can be completed in 1-2 days.

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