Caliper Covers vs. Caliper Paint: A Quick Comparison
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When customising your vehicle, brake calipers are a popular area of focus. Whether you’re looking to improve the aesthetics or protect the calipers from rust and grime, there are two main options: caliper covers and paint. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at the essential aspects to consider when choosing between caliper covers and paint.

1. Aesthetics

The first aspect to consider is the visual appeal of each option. Caliper covers come in various designs and colours, allowing for a more customised look. They can easily match your vehicle’s paint colour or other aftermarket accessories. Some caliper covers even have licensed logos or designs, which can bring a unique touch to your car.

On the other hand, caliper painting provides a more subtle and clean look, as it is applied directly to the caliper surface. The colour is available in a wide range of colours, and you can even choose a high-temperature colour that adds a glossy finish to the calipers. However, it’s important to note that caliper painting may provide a different level of customisation than caliper covers.

2. Installation Process

The ease of installation is another aspect to consider when choosing between caliper covers and paint. Caliper covers are relatively easy to install, as they simply clip onto the caliper and are secured with a few bolts. This process can be completed in an hour or two and requires no special tools.

Caliper paint is more labour-intensive. The calipers must be thoroughly cleaned and prepped before painting. This may involve removing the wheels, using a degreaser to remove dirt or grime, and sanding the caliper surface for proper adhesion. After caliper painting, it may take several hours or even days to fully cure, during which time the vehicle should not be driven. This process requires more time and effort than installing caliper covers.

3. Protection and Durability

Another vital aspect to consider is each option’s level of protection and durability. Caliper covers are made from a high-quality, heat-resistant material that can hold high temperatures and protect the caliper from dirt, grime, and road debris. They also help prevent brake dust buildup, leading to reduced braking performance.

Caliper paint can also provide protection but is less durable than caliper covers. Over time, the colour may chip or fade, especially if the calipers are exposed to high heat or harsh driving conditions. If you choose caliper paint, it’s essential to use high-quality, heat-resistant paint to ensure maximum durability.

4. Cost

Cost is another crucial factor when choosing between caliper covers and paint. Caliper covers are generally more expensive than caliper paint, as they are a physical product that requires manufacturing and materials. However, the cost of caliper covers can vary widely depending on the brand, design, and material.

Caliper paint is a more budget-friendly option; you only need to purchase the paint and any necessary cleaning supplies. However, if you are uncomfortable with the painting process, you may need to hire a professional to complete the job, which can increase the overall cost.

5. Maintenance

Lastly, it’s essential to consider the maintenance required for each option. Caliper covers are low-maintenance and can be easily removed and cleaned when necessary. In most cases, they can be wiped down using a damp cloth or cleaned with mild soap and water.

On the other hand, caliper paint may require more frequent maintenance, as the paint can chip or fade over time. To maintain the appearance and protection of the paint, you may need to touch up or repaint the calipers periodically.


Both caliper covers and caliper paint offer their own set of advantages and drawbacks. Take the time to weigh these factors and determine which option best aligns with your needs and preferences. Either way, enhancing the appearance of your brake calipers can add a personal touch to your vehicle, making it stand out from the crowd.

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