How Should a Brake Caliper Be Prepared for Painting?

If getting your car’s roof painted or wrapped is too much for you and you want to stand out from the crowd discreetly without going overboard, having your brake calipers painted or powder-coated can be a wonderful choice for you.

One of the most anticipated automotive developments for 2021 is brake calipers’ painting and powder coating. 

With today’s technology in the automotive industry and the ability to customise it, you can have the brake calipers on your car painted in whatever colour you like. And they will last for years with the help of a skilled mechanic.

Paint is not the sole material used when powder coating or painting brake calipers. There is a lot of planning and hard work required.

You can get a quick overview of the process below for preparing brake calipers for powder coating or painting.

Getting Supplies

Before you can paint or powder-coat brake calipers, you must first gather the necessary materials. 

Numerous materials can be used in brake caliper painting or powder coating, not considering the specialised equipment the customising shop will have, such as scissor lifts and paint and coating equipment. 

Tire irons, ratchets, and paint mixing containers must all be gathered, along with safety gear like dust masks and goggles. 

These are a few of the several items and tools that may be required for cleaning:

  • Wire brushes
  • plastic brushes
  • one-inch paint brushes
  • Sandpaper
  • power drills with wire brush attachments
  • spray solvents
  • alloy wheel cleaner
  • brake cleaning fluid

Taking the Calipers Off

Many locations will remove the brake calipers themselves after everything is gathered and prepared for painting or powder coating the calipers on a vehicle. 

They must know how to accomplish this without harming anything and be cautious around the brake lines.

The brake line may become strained with the weight of the brake calipers, causing leaks or even total brake line failure. To avoid this, some form of a method for suspending the caliper must be put in place.

Detailed Cleaning

The cost of materials, paint, and painting labour alone do not account for the majority of the average cost of painting or powder coating brake calipers. A portion of the expense is attributable to the thorough cleaning needed to achieve a smooth and flawless paint job.

Any dirt and debris must be removed before painting. Due to the amount of dirt and how close it is to the ground, this is ten times more crucial when it comes to brake calipers.

Using a Primer

After the car’s brake calipers have been fully cleaned and degreased, it is necessary to properly tape off and cover any parts where the paint should not touch. You don’t want to touch up the paint on the rest of the car.

Prior to painting, primer can be applied in layers. The technician will apply the primer, let it dry, wet it, and then sand it each time. 

Depending on the dyes being used to colour the brake calipers of the car, this may or may not be necessary.


You cannot simply purchase paint and start painting a car’s brake calipers. It requires focus, effort, and planning. Before beginning the painting process, the first duty on the list is to make sure you have all the necessary supplies.

The most time-consuming and crucial step in preparation is a thorough cleaning of the brake calipers. After everything has been taped off, the primer is next used. The calipers can now be painted. 

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