Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Larne
Alloy wheel refurbishment in Larne

At East Coast Coatings in Northern Ireland, we offer a variety of services for alloy wheel refurbishment in Larne. Our team operates under the highest standards, whilst offering competitive, honest prices. We offer several alloy wheel refurbishment services (with the option of creating a package) which include: 

  • Wheel removal 
  • Tyre removal 
  • Balancing afterwards 

Why would I need to refurbish my alloy wheels?

There are many reasons why you might wish to refurbish your alloy wheels. For example, they are damaged. Damage to alloy wheels in Larne includes scrapes, dents, and scuffs. Alloy wheels also often require refurbishment services if you have driven over potholes or into a kerb. 

As well as this, brake dust is produced whilst driving. This builds up over time in your alloy wheels and creates problems. Many people are also unaware that brake dust is corrosive if it is not removed for a long period. As well as this, it is an unattractive addition to your alloy wheels. Therefore, we recommend receiving an alloy wheel refurbishment in Larne regularly to avoid this buildup.

Is it more beneficial to refurbish my alloy wheels rather than buy new ones?

Alloy wheel refurbishment is a much cheaper alternative to purchasing brand new wheels. It is also an extremely rewarding service to receive. At East Coast Coatings in Larne, we make your alloy wheels look brand new again. 

What does alloy wheel refurbishment in Larne include?

There are several steps to a successful alloy wheel refurbishment service in Larne. Our general refurbishment package includes wheel removal and tyre removal. Following this, we then carry out a comprehensive wheel refurbishment which involves: 

  • Detailed wheel clean
  • Comprehensive wheel inspection 
  • Kerb damage removal 
  • Shot blasting
  • Degassing 

In addition to these services, we also offer painting for your alloy wheels. We use a method of paint stripping to remove old paint which might have become cracked or faded. Following this, we carry out three stages of wheel painting – primer, colour and powder coating. By doing this, we also guarantee a smooth, strong wheel paint application. 

What does the paint application involve?

The paint finish we produce is achieved using a powder coating finish. We use the best powder coating lacquer in the business. This means we achieve an extremely high-quality finish which protects your wheels and makes your alloy wheel maintenance easier in the long term. 

Following these alloy wheel refurbishment services in Larne, we implement the final steps in the process. These are a quality inspection and tyre refit. Once the wheels are completely cooled after their painting and refurbishment service, we perform a detailed quality inspection. This step identifies any potential problems or defects with your alloy wheels. We also carry out a tyre refit. In this step we inflate your tyres to their correct pressure specifications. Using our balancing machine, we also return your tyres to your vehicle with their correct balance. Next, it’s time for you to collect your car and enjoy your newly-refurbished alloy wheels! 

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Choose East Coast Coatings in Larne for your alloy wheel refurbishment today. We are a professional, friendly team who offers nothing short of exceptional quality. However, we don’t sacrifice price. East Coast Coatings offer these services at an extremely competitive price, with keen trade rates available. 

It’s simple. Leave your car to our team at East Coast Coatings and we will do the rest. You will go home with a car that looks and feels brand new again. Contact us today to discuss the next steps for your alloy wheel refurbishment.