Alloy Refurbishment Belfast
alloy refurbishment Northern Ireland

Are your alloys damaged and in need of a revamp? East Coast Coatings has clients across all of Northern Ireland and Belfast. Although Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland, the city roads can still have their fair share of potholes. These city potholes can be damaging to your car’s alloys and that’s where East Coast Coatings come in!  

East Coast Coatings takes pride in leaving each set of alloys in perfect condition. Customers travel from Belfast, Ballymena, Ballyclare, Larne and Carrickfergus for our services. Alloy refurbishment is a cheaper alternative to purchasing a brand-new set of alloys. However, if your alloys become too damaged and the signs are overlooked then refurbishment is not a viable option. This is why at East Coast Coatings we want our customers from areas such as Belfast, Carrickfergus and Ballyclare, to be aware of the signs their alloys need refurbished. 

Alloy Corrosion 

It is always important to remember that alloys can last for years if maintained properly! Alloy corrosion is mainly caused by brake dust. Everytime you brake, particles in the form of highly-corrosive dust fly off. Moisture causes this dust to stick to the wheel where over time it burns into the wheel causing pitting and eventually corrosion. It is important to look out for corrosion in our alloys as they can lead to under inflation in your tyres. While driving about Belfast, you want to make a good impression and there is no better way than having slick alloys on your cars. 

Alloy Wheel Scratches 

We have all scraped against a curb while parallel parking or driving round Belfast city centre. It’s hardly possible to keep your wheels scuff-free! Not just the dust and debris, the small stones can cause fine scratches on the alloy wheels. Hitting pot holes at speed can cause dents in your alloys as well. 

Our Services 

If you are interested in refurbishing your alloys and want the best service in Northern Ireland and Belfast then look no further than East Coast Coatings. We can guarantee:

-Competitive prices

-Fastest turnaround time possible 

-Keen trade rates available 

-Best powder and OEM paint available

-Friendly and professional service 

At East Coast Coatings we love providing our customers with the best quality alloy refurbishments. From our base in Larne, we help our customers with any tyre and alloy services they need. Customers from all over Northern Ireland visit our garage in Larne. We have customers from: